Saturday, March 31, 2007

Friday, March 2, 2007

Do you need airbrush or retouch work on your photos?

Some people love to take pictures and leave it at that. They have no knowledge about what more brilliance you can achieve with your photos. Well there's where I come in. I can retouch and process you photos to a high standard.
From simple dream effects to a fully glamour retouch photo.

I can fully airbrush the photo in a realistic way.
I can apply or touch up make-up (digitally)
I can convert photos to different colors with special effects.
I can give photos a special look like glamour,sepia, b/w
I can make the colors better and brighter. Giving it a clean look.

Prices start at 15 euros/$20 a photo (which include airbrushing,digital make up and clean up)
There are also special sets available

Bridal sets. Retouching per 100 photos for $200 (if you want special boders around your photos it's $20 extra per 100) or $3 per photo.
Photoshoots. Retouching per 50 photos $125
Headshots for models and actors $20 per photo or 5 photos for $75. Photos get extra care.

Above you see an example of how great your photos can turn out. You can look like a model. Or make you clients look like a model.

Photographers offer your clients this package and and earn $$. You offer your clients my retouch service.. they pay you and you keep 20%. The rest you give to me. You need to apply for this. Email me at

Saturday, February 24, 2007

More examples of the Thorny Babies actions

Some more examples: With the Before and Afters!

How to buy Thorny Babies Actions

Please send 60 euros to paypal account:
And the actions will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Don't forget that a group purchase makes you qualify for discount. If 10 people buy at the same time. Each person will pay 45 euros (15 euro discount)
If 20 people buy together each will pay 40 euros (a total of 20 euros discount)
And if 30 people buy together you will pay 35 euros per person ( a total of 25 euros)


Actions are a wonderful easy tool. But please keep in mind that the effects depend on different things. Like what camera you use. Most have a great SLR camera and so the efects will even be better than you see on this site. Also the actions allow to tweak to your satisfaction. All photos are different. Different people,lighting,camera etc. So not all actions will look automatically great but you can easily adjust them to the situation.

Please keep in mind that these actions ate only for Photoshop 7 or higher. Not for Elements.
Pc only and are copyrighted.

Thorny Babies Actions Photo examples 2

Some more examples. The Airbrush and Make up toolkit demostrated on other skintones!

Thorny Babies Actions Photo Examples

Here are some examples of the actions.With before and afters.
Model has been airbrushed with the airbrush action. Then Digital make up has been applied. With these action you can transform anyone into a model!

Photos below show some of the effects you can achieve with the Black and White toolkit. These are B/W with colors actions

Thorny Babies Photoshop Actions

I love art and I love photography. So I have a quest for 2007... I want to buy a Canon SLR and start exploring my hobby better. Ofcourse this hobby will cost me some considerable amount of money. Therefore I'm selling my Photoshop Actionkit for all you to enhance your photos with and for me to buy my new lovely camera.

The actionkit consists out of 75 yummy actions, with a pricetag of 60 euros. The action is called Thorny Babies Ultimate Seduction!

You'll get

- An airbrush toolkit (getting rid of blemishes)
- A make up toolkit (applying digital make up to a portrait)
-And some yummy candy effects. Different actions that will turn your photos from color to
B/W with color. Or Silver and Gold.

You can see some examples on this Blog. There's so many so I can display all. But I hope the examples give you an idea. All actions will allow you to adjust the layers so you can fit the action on the photo better. Not all actions are great for all photos but if you tweak them a bit they will look fantastic on all photos.

There's also a special offer: If 10 people buy the actions together as a group. They will pay 45 euros per person and will get and extra 5 actions that are not in The Toolkit!

For me to achieve my quest I need to sell 20 of these sets. I will let everyone know if I have achieved my goal.

Payment: For you to be able to receive the actions by email. Please send payment by to